Master Plan


  • 1. Pavilion
  • 2. Kid's Pool
  • 3. Swimming Pool
  • 4. Cabana
  • 5. Jacuzzi
  • 6. Gymnasium
  • 7. Tennis Court
  • 8. Children's Playground
  • 9. Badminton Court
  • Questions



A private resort embraced by the soft green of nature.
Of its vast 5 acres, 70% is dedicated ti immaculate landscaping,
water features and lavish recreation facilities. Bask on roomy
balconies, enjoy the unexpected pleasure of an indoor
courtyard, all in a safe and secure envirenment.
Garden Villas



The outer space becomes your inner sanctum at the Garden Villas. A courtyard garden or lanai distinguishes these exquisite living spaces with roomy balconies and fully-fitted kitchens and bathrooms. Some villas have a separate guest entrance with a dual-key system to ensure for absolute privacy. All of which are supremely spacious units of 2,412sf and 3,020sf in size, designed to be filled with your imagination.
Floor Plan
Type A

Type A (Click Picture to Enlarge)

  • 280.6 Sqm
  • 3,020 Sq Ft



Type B

Type B (Click Picture to Enlarge)

    • 224.1 Sqm
    • 3,412 Sq Ft



Type C

Type C (Click Picture to Enlarge)

  • 192.3 Sqm
  • 2,070 Sq Ft



Type D

Type D (Click Picture to Enlarge)

  • 134.8 Sqm
  • 1,451 Sq Ft



Type E

Type E (Click Picture to Enlarge)

  • 167.1 Sqm
  • 1,799 Sq Ft



Location Map

Location Map (Click Picture to Enlarge)

Location Verdana


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